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Divorce and Loss of Spouse ​Expert

James Moncrief

Tactical Porfolio Manager

Advisor for divorce, loss of spouse

​​​Life changing events such as divorce or losing your spouse  can cause a great deal of confusion and emotional challenges. Just to maintain your basic responsibilities can be extremely difficult. Making decisions about your financial future and direction can be overwhelming. Having dealt with these type of challenges personally and with other families puts us in a unique position to offer financial strategies that give our clients peace of mind during these difficult times.

​Having an expert advisor with 30 years of financial services industry experience could be a valuable asset to get your financial future back on track. In addition, having an Advanced Board Certified Counselor's training by your side may be just the kind of additional support you need to help you succeed!

We are tactical growth advisors that look for

certain characteristics that position a

company’s product or service to appreciate

rapidly. These are the companies and funds

that offer the greatest opportunities to shape

the future of industry and culture.